40 Plus Fitness NYC

So you made to 40! Congratulations! I’m a 44 year old trainer, athlete and took may bumps and bruises over the years. I’ve tried every diet, tried countless workout routines and supplement. Besides being a fitness expert, nationally certified by many organizations, I had the pleasure of learning most things through trial and error. Learn from my mistakes and quit wasting time! There’s no reason to hurt yourself or not get the results you seek.

The 3 most important factors to your success are paramount. It’s not hard to turn the clock back 15-20 years and feel great-there’s no excuse! Our 0 plus program focuses on 3 crucial elements to health and fitness.

FIRST we implement an effective eating plan which is custom made to your needs.

NEXT is implementing an effective strength training program which focuses on muscle growth and endurance conditioning.

FINALLY- It’s all about injury prevention. The only shitty thing about reaching your 40′s is that you don’t heal as fast, or as well and become prone to injury.

The time to start is now! You’re not old…you only feel old!

Lastly, appreciate to the non-physical benefits you’ll receive: like increased energy, better sleep and greater endurance. These are the greatest gifts of all.